Curious Markings are schizophrenic hallucinations brought to life

Our mission: Making mental illness visible.

Curious Markings Co. was established as a social enterprise to employ schizophrenic people, donate money to mental health supports and other causes, and most importantly, make mental illness more visible to the public in a unique and conversation-starting way.

An animation of markings in white, morphing into other markings on a starry background.
A sample page from Curious Markings Vol. I, a photo of a forest with overlaid text that says, 'You are light. Why fear the shadow when it cannot exist in your presence?'

Delve into the mind of a schizophrenic

Curious Markings Vol. I, written by Ian McKenzie, is an interactive reading experience with works of micro-fiction, personal stories of extrasensory experiences, as well as lessons learned from managing a severe mental illness. Sign up to read the demo or buy the full digital copy for $10.

Through art, we are making mental illness visible

A photo of four people wearing various Curious Markings T-Shirts
A photo of a mountainscape with a circular portal overlaid with a white marking, inside the portal are stars in the distance spinning around as if watching a timelapse of the sky on the North or South Pole
A starscape of the night sky

Join us subversively spreading mental illness awareness by placing markings everywhere

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Photo of the Handmade print (Warning) product

Hang our beautiful art in your home or office

Open up a conversation about mental health with your visitors by displaying our hand-printed, hand-packaged, wax sealed prints made on Vancouver Island, Canada.