What do you want to accomplish?

Begin by focusing your thoughts on what you're trying to accomplish. Results will be more effective if it relates in some way to the marking. Concentrate on those thoughts until your mind starts wandering to other topics. Once that starts happening, begin focusing your thoughts on the marking. Its shapes, its patterns, what it evokes in you when you look at it. Continue this until your mind starts wandering again.

Once that happens, press your palm to the marking. Bring your attention to the touch of the paper on your skin. That touch is a vibration of molecules of the paper against the particles of your skin. Imagine that vibration traveling inside your hand and through your wrist, proceeding up your forearm, then to your elbow. Continue it through your upper arm, and to your shoulder. As it reaches your shoulder, feel it branch out up to your neck, across your chest, diagonally toward your gut. From those places, continue the vibration to the rest of your body. If your mind wanders while doing this, bring it to the thoughts of what you're trying to accomplish, and to the marking. Proceed with the vibration until you feel it all over your body.

This sensation is a physical manifestation of your thoughts and your focus on the marking. It helps hone your intentions with using the marking and brings you closer to transforming the imprisonment of your reality to your heaven, where you rule your reality.

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I am experimenting with different methods to increase the efficacy of this practice. Experimental items can be purchased at:app.curiousmarkings.com/gallery

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