About Curious Markings

We are a group of schizophrenic people who are using our symptoms to add value to the world. We do not induce symptoms by neglecting our mental health. Contrary to what some may believe, schizophrenic people still experience symptoms even when we do everything right: taking medications, seeing our psychiatrist regularly, receiving counselling, proper dieting, adequate exercising, the list goes on. As a matter of fact, had we not been so dedicated to our good health, we wouldn't be functional enough to bring this project to the world.

We do not intentionally market our hallucinations and delusions to other schizophrenic people. We are embracing our symptoms as a fun and therapeutic exercise. Our products and services are intended for an audience intrigued by mystery, the supernatural, the spiritual, the odd, the quirky, for those looking for truth in all of its chaotic forms.

Our mission is to intrigue and delight our customers, to create a project that gets people talking about schizophrenia and mental health, and to be profitable and to use those profits to lift others up (particularly those with schizophrenia).